zondag 10 oktober 2010

SPA Evil clowns

Vandaag is het thema bij Sunday Postcard Art:
Dit clowntje is eigenlijk meer lief dan eng en slecht, maar vond 'm zo leuk dat ik er toch een
kaart mee wilde maken.

Today's theme at Sunday Postcard Art is:
This little clown is unfortunately too cute to be scary and evil, but I like him so much...
I had to use this picture...

11 opmerkingen:

Mandy C zei

this is a gorgeous looking clown

Jackie zei

A very cute clown, Hella! I love your background. A lovely postcard.

Grannie Annie zei

It's such a cute little evil clown Hella...and beautiful artwork too.

Willy de Bruijne zei

wat een beauty is dat geworden!! top!

Rosie zei

He's very cool Hella! Now, if you had coloured his eyes red.... 'o)

Martina2801 zei

Wow, Hella ! This is a fantastic looking scary clown. Love the spiderwebs in the background.

Katie zei

Hella, what a cool card. Love the girl!

Leila Gervais zei

Love your image, fantastic yet cute scary looking clown!

Judy zei

Love your card, Hella, cute can turn out to be evil!!

Carole zei

great card!

Lillibelle zei



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